Useless Tasmanian Tiger

Sir,—Mr. Stevenson is to be con- gratulated in adopting the right attitude towards the useless Tasmanian tiger. From the past experience of early settlers this relentless destroyer of sheep, pigs, fowls, young calves, and even young horses, should be abso
lutely exterminated, and let its skeleton be the only thing left in our museums to remind us of its depredations. To "protect" it, and allow it to breed in the Cradle Reserve—or any other reserve—is extremely dangerous. If there were no wallabies or kangaroosto be had for its food, it would soon travel down to the sheep and cattle
runs and adjoining farms and help itself to whatever may be available.\Fancy actually "protecting" a villainous and repugnant animal of this type. It would be a good thing if
the species did become extinct, evenat the risk of upsetting the balance
of nature.