The Lure Of The Thylacine

Lure of the Thylacine HERE
Easily Col Baileys best book so far. !
The passion and dedication that Col has put into this subject astounds me.
As engrossing as the stories are, what is perhaps the saddest thing is..they show you how ignorant people were,sometimes, in those days when they encountered these poor animals.
There are 64 punchy short chapters on tiger encounters and stories, some that do end happily, at least for the tiger.!!
Professor Mike Archer has been so impressed with Col`s work that he happily accepted the request to write a really good introduction.
Col`s first book all started when Col interviewed Reg trigg back in 1980...
And now this..which is by far his best..and will not be his last..
Get this book..
The tiger is still out there..the Lure of the thylacine will never go away..!!