Mange and thylacines

Another non thylacine game camera footage sequence.
The first give away is, its Victoria.
The second give away is..its given away for free on youtube, because thats what you would do if you owned the footage and it really was the worlds most elusive animal.!!
The third twist is, there are no flipping stripes, which is virtually impossible at that distance/“illumination”.
 The only thing odd(other than people thinking this is a thylacine of course ) is the tail.
My guess..its a dog with mange.
Whats interesting about sarcoptic mange and thylacine sightings is…it can leave animals like foxes slightly “disguised” as thylacines.
You get hair loss that looks like stripes when viewed in low light.
Unusual gait due to damage of the central nervous system as well as a hairless tail which looks weird.
Virtually every photo and video we have seen over the last 5 years, has been of a fox with mange.